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Advertising Policy

LINLARPS is supported by advertising. Some of the content, discounts, and offers that appear on this website are from third-party advertisers from which we receive compensation. Compensation may affect how and where products appear (such as order and placement) but the opinions about those products are always the author’s own.

We have a strict ethical standard for advertising.

Our first priority is always to serve our mission, to help people create fun magical experiences. We maintain a strict ethical standard for our advertising partners and we will never knowingly promote anything that is harmful or dangerous.

We do our best to vet all direct-buy advertisers to ensure that their products and services align with our mission and do not harm the people we try to serve. We also strive to keep the website family-friendly. If you ever seen an offensive or objectionable ad on our website, please let us know.

As a general rule, we do not promote businesses or services that we determine are predatory, harmful or inappropriate. For example, we do not accept direct-buy ad placements that promote gambling, addictive substances or immodest costuming.

We make money from display ads, affiliate links and sponsored posts.

LINLARPS earns money from a variety of sources, including display advertising, affiliate links and sponsored posts.

We are affiliated with several companies, including Amazon. When you sign up for services, download apps or complete purchases after clicking on our affiliate links, we may receive a commission for our referral. It doesn’t cost you anything extra and it helps support our service.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

We make no guarantees or promises about the offers on our site.

Although we do our best to vet sponsors and direct-buy advertisers, we also use automatic advertising networks our website that automatically select and place ads. We are not responsible for and we do not make any guarantees or promises regarding the offers or businesses promoted on our website.

Once you click away from our website, you are interacting with an entirely different business with an entirely different privacy policy. We cannot be held liable for the content on other websites.

We often recommend products and services without compensation.

LINLARPS provides information on a wide variety of products, services and programs from our advertising partners and from companies that have not established a marketing relationship with us. Not all of our recommendations are from sponsors or advertisers.

If you would like to partner with us, you will need to contact us directly.

To sponsor a post or purchase display advertising space on our website, please contact our admin.

Please note that we do NOT accept paid backlinks or link insertions on any of our existing content.