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About Us

Welcome to LINLARPS, where we share our family-friendly LARP-inspired adventures. We love creating immersive and magical experiences for our family and friends, and this is where we document our events.

Our Guiding Principles

There are a few important guiding principles behind LINLARPS. These foundational beliefs underpin everything we do.

Creative play is for everyone.

When I was young, I thought Dungeons and Dragons, LARP and even Magic: The Gathering were for those people… you know, the nerds at the back of the classroom?

But as I’ve grown, I’ve realized that creative play is for everyone. It’s healthy. It’s fun. It can be incredibly healing.

Creative play is for everyone. Everyone can benefit from it and honestly, I believe everyone is naturally drawn to some form of creativity.

Gatekeeping is garbage.

Gatekeeping is the worst. Urban Dictionary explains that gatekeeping happens when “someone takes it upon themselves to decide who does or does not have access or rights to a community or identity.”

One of the things that has kept me away from LARP is the idea that I needed to have a certain amount of gear or props or experience or creativity or acting skills or something in order to do this. I never felt qualified, so I never tried.

And if you never try, you always miss out.

LINLARPS exists to provide barrier-free entry into the world of LARP. We aren’t professionals. I don’t have decades of experience. We’re learning and we’re inviting you to learn along with us.

Guidelines are better than rules.

Not everyone has the ability to replicate the exact same setup and story. Although we’ll be sharing our ideas on this site, we try to make sure that our outlines are as flexible as possible so that you can adapt them to accommodate your specific needs.

It’s all about making memories.

I am a recovering perfectionist but I’ve learned the hard way that these events never go exactly according to plan. Keep the focus on having a good time and making great memories.

Who We Are

LINLARPS is a family project but the only one creating content for the site is Nicole Thelin.

Nicole Thelin

I am a full-time content creator and a mom of five. Whenever I’m not writing content or making videos for Low Income Relief, I’m usually working on some sort of crazy over-the-top LARP plan to surprise my kiddos. I love making memories with them!